Eat This

And The Winner Is...

You know, we had a winner selected. It was a comment posted by someone on DMN's blog. Unfortunately, we came up empty when we went to look for it today.

Either someone deleted the comment or we completely misremembered just where we first saw it. (Both are distinct possibilities.) So, after searching for minutes through almost dozens of postings, we came up with three alternative finalists.

The Law Reviewers used the phrase "uppity Castillian" in a comment, and we like that. It's a first.

Then there's this exchange, recorded by DMN food critic Leslie Brenner in her review of Old Warsaw--which we read in print but re-read online so it would qualify:

"What region is it from?" I asked.

"Spain," he said.

"OK, but what region in Spain?"


"There are many regions in Spain," I reminded him. "Is it from Ribera? Rioja?"

"It's from Spain," he said

Brilliant stuff. But based on impromptu criteria that included terms such as "what the...?" and "somehow disturbing," our winner for the week is this, posted in response to our Short Orders piece on The Libertine by "Vishal":

"They have the best country fried steak outside of my sisters basement."

Vishal wins an apron that is solid black, except for some white script that reads "Rosewood Mansion on Turtle Creek" placed strategically to hang between the breasts (if worn by a woman) so any guy wanting to find out what it says must stare with great intent. It's possible that we came by the apron honestly. After all, it would be wrong to swipe it from the Mansion's patio during a moment when all staff members had ducked inside. As always, winnings must be picked up here. And our receptionist can be surly.