A Critic's Pitfall: Missing a Home-Cooked Meal

Being a food critic is a fine way to make a living, though it certainly has pitfalls. I knew I'd be eating out a lot, but maybe not this much. During a dinner conversation this weekend my friends and I discussed the contents of my refrigerator. Currently, there's an empty cardboard six-pack holder of light beer (a caloric concession) and some withered strawberries, whose age I care not to admit. I haven't cooked since I've been in Dallas, and I don't see it happening anytime soon.

Still, I'm hungry for a home cooked meal. And while I love the mechanics of preparing food, it might be even more comforting if cooked by someone else for me. And whenever you're hungry for something, whether a juicy hamburger or a simple gesture, you inevitably start to see evidence of your craving elsewhere. So last night I saw this tweet by Chef Blythe Beck.

WOW...someone just made me dinner for a change and it was delicious!!!!

Then I saw this recipe by Sam Sifton in the Sunday Times Magazine, and despite spending a weekend devouring multiple orders of fish and chips (more on that later in City of Ate) I became hungry for an apartment or home that smelled of something beautiful simmering on the stove.

Maybe next weekend I'll hit the grocery, hone my knife, and fill my kitchen sink with dirty dishes, but for now I'm wondering what you guys cooked up this weekend. Let me live vicariously. Follow City of Ate on Facebook & Twitter. Follow me at @scottreitz