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Famed Brewery Accuses Eno's Pizza Tavern of Logo Infringement (Updated)

There's a battle brewing, and it all centers around a logo that may or may not be inspired by a famed craft beer supplier. Brooklyn Brewery owners took to their blog today to accuse an Oak Cliff pizza joint of logo infringement. The brewery claims that Eno's Pizza Tavern's logo is suspiciously similar to their own. broke the story, and since then Brooklyn Brewery, which has accused other businesses of copyright infringement in the past, has removed the blog post indicting Eno's of font theft. According to the Gothamist, this is what the brewery had to say about Eno's on its website: "It appears that Eno's Pizza Tavern in Dallas, TX exhausted a great amount of energy and resources to develop an original logo for their business. Or perhaps they were drinking a bottle of Brooklyn beer and noticed that reflected in a mirror, a backwards B resembles an E? Either way, those smoke and mirrors don't fool us!"

We called Eno's for comment, but a manager who had just arrived to the restaurant was not aware of the allegations. She didn't want to go on the record and told us to contact the marketing representative for the restaurant. We'll let you know if there's an update from the PR peeps, but until then, decide for yourself: Do you think the Eno's logo is a ripped-off version of the Brooklyn Brewery's Dodgers-inspired emblem?

Update: Robert just informed us of an item on Brooklyn Brewery's blog that we missed. The Texas launch of their Brewmaster's Reserve series is happening tomorrow night at Vickery Park, so hopefully the brewery won't make good on the threats made on its Twitter page.

Update (5:45 p.m.): We just spoke to Eno's owner Matt Spillers whose only comment on the record was that the restaurant is in contact with Brooklyn Brewery to address the infringement allegation.