Eat This

We Declare This Cheese Week! (That Means We're Going to Write a Bunch About Cheese. Stay Tuned.)

You remember burger week, right? The five-day-long tribute to bliss on a bun featured more burger bloggage than we've ever seen here on City of Ate -- and that's saying a lot considering how burger obsessed we are on a regular week.

Life can't always be about burgers, though. So this week we're devoting a collection of coverage to cheese, the food produce that is so great it can be enjoyed all on it's own.

Cheese boards have been popping up at many restaurants around Dallas, and they feature a lot more than just Gouda and grapes. Acme F&B has one of the most beautiful I have ever seen, featuring rare and flavorful cheeses that pack a lot of punch. Mudsmith, and Ascension are just two coffee shops that have recently added a gourmet cheese board to their menu, and the trend is growing.

Beyond cheese for snacking, melted dairy may be one of the most versatile embellishments you can add to a dish. What would Snuffer's cheese fries be without fistfuls of melted cheese? (Answer: Fries. They would be fries.) Nachos would be nothing without a dousing of queso or a sprinkling shredded Monterrey Jack; and macaroni and cheese without the good stuff? It's just noodles.

Loosen your belts Aters. We have interviews with Paula Lambert from Mozzarella Co. talking mozz, as well as Latte Da Dairy and Eagle Mountain. The folks at Scardello will be helping us put together a cheese board for home, and we've got the sexiest cheese slide show you'll ever lay eyes on.