Eat This

Everybody Must Get Boned by Meddlesome Moth's Bone Marrow

In an episode from last year, Anthony Bourdain described bone marrow as his "desert-island" dish. Maybe when he comes to town in October, we'll rent some sort of City of Ate van and kidnap the food writer (black hood and all) and chuck him toward the door of the Meddlesome Moth. "Dude, get the bone marrow," we'll tell him, and drive off.

On a beer excursion on Saturday, my brother and I ordered a share plate of the marrow, along with the sweetbreads (seen in the background above with bacon jam. Yes, bacon jam) and some of their buttery-lemony mussels. The loaded bone comes split down the center with a salsa verde spread and fried capers -- a nice acid bite -- and about half of a fresh baguette. Punch-to-the-head good.

I couldn't tell you what Moth beer goes best with bone marrow because I'm not a beer critic. Also, all things go with bone marrow. At The Moth, Bone marrow goes best with more bone marrow.