Top Five: Steve Brule Eats for Your Health, You Dumbo!

If you're anything like the City of Ate staff, you love Dr. Steve Brule (aka, John C. Reilly) and his Brule's Rules on Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! Not only is he looking out "for your health!" but he's a real daredevil when it comes to trying out all sorts of cuisine.

But now, our favorite medical doctor -- or, um, whatever -- isn't just limited to one time slot on Adult Swim. In honor of the debut of his show Check It Out! with Dr. Steve Brule this past Sunday, we bring you these awesome clips of the good doctor in, near or concerning the edible.

5. Dr. Steve Brule loves guac-a-mole.

4. Dr. Steve Brule makes a panini.

3. Dr. Steve Brule on milk

2. Dr. Steve Brule on ice cubes

1. Dr. Steve Brule reports from wine country.