Announcing The Winner Of The Libertine Jester King Beer Dinner Prank Contest

Thanks to all the City of Ate readers who shared their prank stories in last week's contest for the Libertine Bar's March beer dinner featuring Jester King.

Among the highlights: Justin1310 and his friends made creative use of leftover movie popcorn, while Brad Ward recounted how having an easily stolen but not particularly desirable vehicle provided his friends with endless entertainment. And commenter jgke1635 had a great story of how a $25 donation to a very questionable organization can provide years of entertainment in the form of sadistic revenge on a teammate.

But Lark Duncan and her Faith West Academy Class of '05 classmates in Katy take the prize with their time-consuming, elaborate water-cup prank -- they even managed to get their younger schoolmates out of a couple hours of school while they were at it. Duncan even provided photographic evidence.

So for that, this jester queen deserves a pair of tickets to the Jester King beer dinner Wednesday. Congratulations to her. Hopefully she invites a Faith West co-conspirator, like the girl who stole the keys to the school.