Eat This

And The Winner Is...

You know, we have some fine prize material piling up in my office, from a tiny pail full of paper clips all the way up to John Bonnell's Fine Texas Cuisine, a book full of food porn and recipes. Too bad no one ever wants one of our giveaways.

So, on once again to our prize-less awards.

Many great comments to choose from this week, including thought provoking--sometimes even angry--responses to the positive and negative sides of the local-seasonal-etc. movement (here and here). We naturally decided to skip past those and settled on three favorites.

Tedo, responding to Hophead:
"One big reason that you aren't getting as much citrus bang is the hops used. Traditional British brewers use British Hops East Kent Goldings. This are much less citrus-y and piney than their American Cousins Chinook, Warrior, etc. British versions are earthier and more floral. Also its old world style vs. new world style. Think of it in wine terms. Old world wines are all about subtlety and balance. New World (think Big Napa Cabs) are big and in your face. So it goes with beer. Old world is subtle balanced. New world is big in your face hops."

Great comment--both informative and critical of...wait just a damn minute--isn't subtle a French word?

K9s are annoying, responding to a story about dogs on restaurant patios:
"Leave the damn mutts at home. You people want to take everything at home and bring it with you. What's next, bringing your kids?"

My god. Think of the screaming, the slobering. It'd be like eating at a frat party.

And, for the second week in a row, chef Luscher--this time writing in after someone asked what ass tastes like:
"It tastes like peaches, Darren.
Ripe, farmstand peaches.
You really should go try some.
That was a haiku, by the way."

Congrats to all the non-winners.