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Jim, Jimmy, James and Jamie -- Your Table is Ready at Red Robin

We just got word that if your name is Jim, Jimmy, James, Jamie or any other related moniker, you're entitled to a free Sweet Jim Beam Bacon Swiss Burger today, Tuesday at any Red Robin restaurant.

Seems like that could open the conversation up to some bartering. I think Jim-Bob, Jim-Bo, Jimmy-Jammy and, or course, the Spanish name Jaime are all fair game. What about Jasmine? It's close to James and Jamie.

Additionally, from the note: "After serving 25,000 Jims during last year's Jim Day, the Gourmet Burger Expert is hoping to serve even more Jims this year and will extend the offer to any guest who lives on Jim Street or any variation of the street name."

Jim Day is in celebration of the Jim Bean Burger.