Sweetheart Stoppers: "Bend Over," "He Fit U Fat" and Other Unconventional Conversation Hearts

Conversation hearts. Sure, they taste like chalky soap and vitamins, but somehow they're a tradition that's been passed down for generations. New England Confectionery Company (NECCO) started printing sayings on their candy in the 1860s. And in 1902, NECCO began producing the present day Sweethearts Conversation Hearts that we know and love. The original list of sayings included "Be Mine," "Be Good," "Be True," "Kiss Me," and "Sweet Talk." In the 1990s, NECCO VP Walter Marshall decided it was time to try and update the conversation by adding "Fax Me" to the group. Since then, they've even added "E-mail Me" and last year, "Tweet Me." Today, NECCO manufactures over 8 billion hearts each year to keep up with demand. But, if you're looking for a more interesting conversation from your conversation hearts this year than "E-mail Me," we've put together a list of five unconventional conversation hearts for you to choose from:

1. Get your sweetie some Spanish Conversation Hearts. They're from NECCO and they're just like the English version-- only they're way smoother because they say "Te Amo" instead of "Tweet Me."

2. If "Be Mine" isn't a direct enough message for you, buy some of these risque or X-rated conversation hearts from that say stuff like, "Boob Man" and "Nice Ass!" While their candy heart box filled with these hearts that says "I Fucking Love You" is already out of stock, they'd like to assure you that "Let's Fuck is in stock." Not only is it in stock, but it's also super classy.

3. Not feeling the love this Valentine's Day? Check out these bitchy hearts! Despair, Inc. offers up Bittersweets candies available in dejected, dysfunctional and dumped collections. Choose from such snarky hearts as "Parole Is Up" to "He Fit U Fat" to "U Left Seatup."

4. Think you can do better than these commercialized cupids? Here's a great recipe for making your own conversation hearts. All you need is some free time and some food coloring markers.

5. And if you're opposed to the Maalox-y taste of conversation hearts but don't want to miss out on the opportunity to tell your sweetheart how you really feel, you can always get yourself one of these sweet or not so sweet plush conversation heart pillows from Midnightsnack on Etsy.