Eat This

Celebrate National Pie Day at Emporium Pies This Wednesday

Good news, those of you whose New Year's resolutions have expired, this Wednesday is National Pie Day! Not to be confused with Pi Day, which is on March 14, or 3.14 for you nerds out there, Pie Day is the day in which we celebrate the miracle of pie.

Pie was first invented by Sir Alexandris Pie, of Greece. Except not at all. And honestly, who the fuck cares where pie came from? All that matters is that it is delicious. And beautiful. And, well, pie.

And as I've always said, pie is a thing that is good. It can be good or really good or really fucking good. It's rarely ever bad unless it's a chart that contains bad news. This is the truth.

So luckily for all of us, the folks at Emporium Pies in Bishop Arts have perfected the art of pie-making in their cute-as-a-bag-full-of-buttons house on North Bishop Avenue.

And as pie-makers are oft to do, they've found an excuse to celebrate with pie.

This Wednesday, Emporium pies will be serving up pies for breakfast, lunch and dinner. And while I'm perfectly fine with eating a slice of butterscotch-and-unicorn-kisses-filled Cloud Nine for all three meals, they're adding both quiches and meat pies to their offerings for this special holiday. Y'know, for normal folks who can't handle sweet, sweet pie thrice per day.

See you there, for breakfast, lunch and dinner this Wednesday.

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