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Desta Starts Alcohol Sales More Than Three Months After Opening

If you're wondering why Dallas has so many BYOB restaurants, a look at Desta will provide a few clues. After more than two months of waiting on the state (they filed their application a few weeks after opening) and nearly $10,000 in applications fees, bonds and insurance costs you can finally drink a beer with your kitfo at the restaurant.

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Desta closed when the original owners were killed last year after closing their restaurant for the evening. Family members took over the business but had to reapply for occupancy and alcohol permits.

"It's extremely expensive," said co-owner Yemi Lemma, describing not just the cost of permits, but the potential sales lost while not being able to sell alcohol for an extended period. "People that have dined with us in the past were disappointed that they couldn't drink here."

Last week the restaurant's owners announced on their Facebook page that the drought had ended for the restaurant.

While BYOB restaurants certainly have their appeal, alcohol sales potentially make up a significant portion of a restaurant's revenue. Such a lengthy and expensive permit process can't be helping bolster the restaurant scene here in Dallas.