Dallas to Get A Buzz Bike Soon

Previously we've only been able to watch beer bikes in passing envy. But, now Dallas is slated to get its very own roving, 16-seater, pedal-powered, mobile pub. And, yes, it's amazingly already received the green light from the City of Dallas.

"My partner and I first saw one in Houston and we both immediately started making plans to get one in Dallas," says Gloria Flores, co-owner of The Buzz Bike. "Just last month we had a hearing and it got approved. Now we're just sorting out a few other details and we hope to launch in October."

Flores says there are several bike paths already planned out, all of which have been approved by Dallas city-engineers "turn by turn." Most of the routes start in the West End; one goes to the Arts District, another downtown along Main and Commerce and another to the Victory Plaza area.

There's also an Uptown route along McKinney. For all of these routes, which last either one or two hours, they'll have some predetermined stops.

"We don't have the exact places worked out, but we'll be working on finding the best bars to stop at over the next month," says Flores.

The bike is outfitted with six-barstool seats on each side, with pedals underneath. There's also a bench for several people in the back and then one person can stand inside the "bar" in the middle of the bike. Buzz Bikes provides the driver.

The Buzz Bike is BYOB - beer and wine only, no hard liquor. There are a few other rules and some waivers to sign, things that deal with glass, helmets, proper pedaling and staying in your seat. Watch their website for updates. Flores hopes to start taking reservations in the next few weeks.