Bloggers Leave Super Bowl Behind but Can't Stop Talking About the Weather...oh yeah, and V Day

Now that blogs are wrapping up Superbowl coverage, they've moved on to buzzing about two more Dallas observations: cold weather and Valentine's Day. They're answering what to eat to keep warm, what to eat to get laid and what to do when your Which Wich is too short.

But really, we just want to know how many whiskey cakes fit into a tentra cup.

It's hard to dislike a place named after two things we all love - Whiskey and Cake. They may as well have called it Sunshine Puppy. Luckily, Hanna Raskin enjoyed the Plano restaurant's food, even though she found the whiskey list lacking.

Alice Laussade narrowly avoids total organ failure while enjoying tacos at Goghee To Go.

Not only can Starbuck's new tentra-size cup hold 31 ounces of sugary coffee (or urine, your choice), but it can, apparently, also hold a bottle of wine, 75 L'il Smokies or your gym clothes.

Alex Copeland says that Which Wich is revolutionizing the sandwich. You may now find your 'wich snuggled in a 14-in bun, untoasted or with no bread at all. Overeaters and celiacs together, rejoice.

If you just lack that much game, Alice Laussade provides a list of foods to serve to help you round the bases on Valentine's Day.

Even though the Super Bowl is over, Taco Trail-blazer Jose Ralat Maldonado's list of taco spots (and Alex Flores' accompanying map) is still relevant. More relevant, actually, since the Super Bowl is over and you can focus all your attention on actual tacos.

If you already spent the Sweater Gift and Watch Gift on your boyfriend at Christmas, Noah Bailey and Jose Ralat Maldonado have a few more ideas to get you through Valentine's Day.

Dallas Morning News Leslie Brenner also enjoys Whiskey Cake. She finds a few flaws -- fibbing servers and forgettable vegetable dishes -- but overlooks them because the restaurant is just "so much fun."

Tina Danze provides a list of adorable, scrumptious tarts to not-bake this Valentine's Day.

Eats Blog If you're done with Funfetti brownies and Lindor truffles but still not satisfied, Leslie Brenner has a list of the best desserts in Dallas.

Another Where to Eat List: Valentine's Edition.

Side Dish Dining-in-the-dark is either a hip trend that strengthens other senses by inhibiting one, or an excuse to skimp on dish presentation. Either way, experience it at Opaque this Valentine's Day.

Pegasus News If you're looking for something a little classier than On The Border for Valentine's Day, Teresa Gubbins has a few ideas.

Still no? If you're looking to maintain your love life and your love for (not eating) animals, consider these vegan options.

Critic's Guide Dave Faries makes a list of the best fried oysters in Dallas. Number 5 is Dallas Observer's Best of Dallas choice for Top Appetizer: Oyster Nachos from Fish City Grill.

Fish and Veggies You already know it's cold as a witch's titty outside. It's supposed to warm up 70 soon, but before it does, cozy up with a bowl of white chicken chili. Here's the recipe.

Eating in Dallas If you didn't get enough chicken wings last Sunday, give Wing Stop a breather and try making your own.

Chowhound Fish City Grill gets another shout-out when a poster asks for suggestions for cream of jalapeño soup.