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Cake Bar Opens This Week in Trinity Groves, and It Looks Like a Contender

The dessert sales at Trinity Groves restaurants could take a major hit this Thursday when Cake Bar opens. The dessert bar and retail shop will sell traditional, southern-style cakes and confections for customers to eat on-site or take with them to go.

In an effort to be a well-rounded fatness shop, a variety of pound cakes, quick breads and cookies will be available. And because it goes so well with cookies and poundcake they'll also be making their own ice cream. You could almost skip dinner altogether.

If owner and operator Tracy German has her way, Cake Bar will assume a similar role to that of Emporium Pies in Oak Cliff. There, pies slices in fancy boxes have become the unofficial hip dessert of the neighborhood, and customers regularly ditch the dessert menu at whatever restaurant they've chosen that evening to walk up the street and grab a slice. At times the line extends out the door and a considerable length down the side walk. That line has defeated me more than once.

Of course, these cakes will have to be as good as they look if German wants to sway Trinity Groves diners. Actually, maybe only half as good? Have a look at this chocolate number. I'm in for a slice or three, and a massive glass of ice-cold whole milk. Oh, and one of those cookies.