Election Night Parties...At A Price

Dianna Wray

Your waitstaff for election night tapas at the Hotel St. Germain.

Journalists not forced to spend eight hours pontificating on live TV news broadcasts still face a daunting election night. By the time I arrived at the McKinney Avenue Tavern to attend the first of three grueling events, I was so famished Karl Rove looked like a plump roast chicken.

By flashing my “I Voted” sticker at the Dallas Chamber of Commerce Young Professionals Organization election night party, I received two free drink tickets and access to bar food. Just your basic chicken wings—both plain and Buffalo style, with blue state dip—but being all free...The wings went very well with the selection of drinks: Joe Six Pack domestic draft beer or something with a little more sedative power. I settled on an elitist whiskey on the rocks. Two, in fact, as I still had a busy evening of reporting ahead of me.

Next stop, the Hotel St. Germain for another bipartisan party, this one unaffiliated with any group—although the valet kept a wary eye out for riffraff, which may have meant supporters of Ralph Nader. Here they ushered me to a table, called for Champagne and stuck almost $50 on my debit card before I knew what hit me. The theme at this all-capitalist affair served by waiters with French accents was tapas. Food service started an hour before I arrived then progressed through five more dishes, requiring more Champagne. Wait staff brought out small plates of Spanish rice, garnished with scarlet colored stewed tomatoes, potatoes, a sampling of calamari and more.

Finally, on to the Obama For America shindig hosted by Gilley’s (which somehow doesn’t seem right, but I have materials from the event to prove it). Despite the socialist label McPalin tried to slap on Obama, there were no freebies, just a full bar at regular prices…although those earning over $250,000 certainly paid more for their Shiner than me, right?

Oh, well—McCain’s conceded just as I stepped into the place and the party was on. All in all, it was a busy (and rather expensive) night for America’s journalists. --Dianna Wray