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Presenting! The New Village Voice Best Of App

A few months ago we announced the launch of the Dallas Observer iPhone app, (which is completely free, dudes), and now we have a new one for you: the Best Of.. Village Voice Media App. Before we get a breathy announcement speech going -- with details of how this is completely FREE and breaks down the best restaurants, arts, shopping sports from every neighborhood in the metroplex, as well as 32 other cities -- here's a few reasons why you'll want to download this sucker...

Remember our best of issue from last year?  The Best Of App will have all of that juicy info, including maps and numbers, and the ability to check-in via Twitter and Facebook.

Also, it's completely, totally free. FREE, we say. If you don't have an iPhone? You can access it on your mobile device / desktop.

So, here ya go: download the new Best Of... Village Voice App for iPhone or type in "best of" into the iTunes App Store (note: it'll be ready on Android at the end of April).

UPDATE: After the jump, check out how the app works in motion in our Youtube Video.