Martin House Is Now Shipping the Toadies' Rubberneck Red Beer in Cans and Kegs

Earlier this year the Fort Worth brewery Martin House collaborated on a duet with the local band The Toadies. The result was a double red ale called Rubberneck Red that comes from the water. It all started when the band, who is hitting the road this year to promote the reissue of their 1994 album, Rubberneck, wanted an official beer to take along. Band members Vaden and Rez met with the brewers, and, voila, a new beer was born.

After a special release party and concert earlier this month, the beer is now ready to be shipped to the world. Kegs left the brewery this past weekend, so look for it on tap at your favorite bar. Martin House reports they might not be able to deliver to every regular customer due to limited supplies and demand, so you might want to call ahead.


Cans of Rubberneck Red should start hitting the retail shelves this week. Again, this is a limited release, so make haste. It's hard to pinpoint, but David Wedemeier at Martin House guesstimates there should be stock on shelves for a "month or two" before it's all gone.

This page will help you locate the beer around town. Coverage across North Texas is sufficient, including all major and minor spots. Horde accordingly, if you're so inclined.