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Does Your Dream Job Include Being a Party Director and Enjoying the Outdoors? Cowtown Cycle Party is Looking for You.

You know how we talk about goals and dreams? Well, an opportunity has circled around that I think a few of you should consider. Yes, it's a job. But it's a job that: 1. allows you to exercise (that is, in fact, a bonus) 2. lets you party 3. pays you to take control, like you always do anyway and 4. has you leisurely cycle the charming streets of downtown Fort Worth.

Cowtown Cycle Party needs some new drivers. I've already done a little of the vetting for you. This 15-seater, pedal-propelled, bar-on-wheels is rented out by the hour for a little barhopping or sightseeing. With summer coming up, they're looking to beef up staff.

Vicky Peden is the one who brought Cowtown Cycle Party to Fort Worth and reports that there aren't really any hazards to the job, in case you're always thinking of safety first. "The only injury in 15 years on these bikes was a when a woman jumped off and hurt her ankle," Peden said.

Why would you jump off? Don't do that.

But, on occasion they do get unusual requests. See, one of the amenities of the cycle party is that you can be your own DJ -- just plug in your iPod or whatever.

"We got a group of older ladies celebrating their friend's 75th birthday party," Peden said. "When the driver asked what kind of music they would like to play on our stereo system, they pulled out sheet music and sang hymns on the bike."

There are some basic things you'll need to know. You are the "designated driver" and the safety of up to 15 other people is in your hands. Punctuality is key. And basic bike maintenance might be required, say if you get a flat -- you can't call anyone, you'll just have to change it yo'self. Most important, an outgoing, positive attitude is essential.

"The drivers are really part host and part baby-sitter," Peden said. "They need to create an atmosphere for people to have fun and enjoy themselves, but never let anyone get hurt."

Also, the people who land these jobs will get to ring a bell and get people to pedal. That's kind of commanding and joyful. But, good news is, the driver doesn't pedal at all. They just steer. And ring the bell. So, not really a lot of exercise unless you get a flat.

So, if you've got the spunk and chutzpah to be the commander in charge of a Cowtown Party Cycle, then apply within.