Things To Do

Break Out the Beads and Glow Sticks for This Weekend's Events

There's three reasons to love March--basketball, boobs, and beads, and this weekend you can get a taste of Mardi Gras and March Madness, plus experience a Sunday school gathering that's more like a house party. So let's get down to the business of partying and hash over this weekend's best events.

Are you anticipating Fat Tuesday so much that you've already got a King Cake and hundreds of beads? Celebrate Mardi Gras season at Trece (4513 Travis St.) tomorrow night beginning at 9 p.m. with drink specials and live music from a DJ. The bar will be serving $5 house wines and $6 you-call-its, among other specials, until close. For those of you who are hoping to collect some beads, please keep your clothes on.

On Monday, we told you about the beer bracket event happening this week at Brackets (5300 E. Mockingbird Ln.). Now the competition has been whittled down to four finalists that will compete for the honor of top hops tonight and tomorrow, and guests will pick a beer bracket winner when the final two favorites go head to head on Sunday. The four finalists are Shiner, Miller, Blue Moon and Michelob Ultra for those calorie-counters out there. The winning beer will be available at a discounted price next week, so make sure to order plenty of your favorite pints this weekend to boost your brew's chance of winning.

Grab extra glow sticks for this weekend because all you ravers out there are being treated to a

Sunday brunch worthy of black lights, courtesy of Hotel Zaza (2332 Leonard St.). Dubbed "Sunday School," the brunch begins in the hotel ballroom with mimosas and pancake on a stick starters in case the Ecstasy hasn't worn off and you've lost your pacifier. The real fun starts after you order your eggs Benedict when the lights are dimmed, a DJ starts spinning and the staff hands out sparklers. It's like the Fourth of July but with house music. Tickets to this breakfast rave are $35, and the hotel will host future brunches on the third Sunday of every month. Reservations and body glitter required.