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Ladies and gents, you may have noticed we have a new commenting system. Sure, we're going to miss the hell out of Captcha's bizarre word combinations like "booger humans" or "gladly tectonic." Today, we have something we think is more interesting: Disqus commenting.

Disqus is the same commenting system on CNN.com, TechCrunch and many, many hipstery Tumblr blogs. We've decided to make the switch because Disqus offers some wicked-cool features that include:

Instant Posting
Comments will go live as soon as hit send -- which means the ability to have a real-time conversation is more likely. Think of it as an online chat. We're trying to make this whole deal more personal. Disqus also lets you comment via Smartphone, so have at it there as well.

Threaded Conversations
Remember all those times you had to type a response like "@Man In The Mirror: That's a bunch of nonsense." No more. In addition to commenting on a post, you can post comments to OTHER comments inline. You'll also be able to share those comments on Facebook and Twitter.

Get Comments by E-mail
Each user can subscribe to comments -- on any blog post -- to be notified when someone replies to your comments.

Commenter Profiles
You can be as anonymous or open as you desire. Disqus allows you to create a profile for yourself, or log-in through Facebook. You'll stay logged-in, and you'll be able to comment as easily as before.

Please, give the new system a whirl and give us a holler if you have any questions. We look forward to hearing from you in our new comments. 

Sign up here: Disqus.