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The Best Way to Waste Your Day Today: Peruse the Winners of Best Food Blogs

Yesterday, the gourmet food, wine and travel magazine, announced its 2012 Best Food Blog Awards winners. Courtesy warning: perusing the finalists and winners could easily waste your entire day and create an insatiable need to spend excessive money at Central Market, as well as on travel around the world. Not to mention a new camera and all the added girth to follow.

Butter Me Up Brooklyn won for best baking & desserts blog. Baker Lillie likes to wear leggings, drink bourbon and loves Brooklyn. Other than those three tidbits, her site is all about how to make friends with cookies, candy, cake, pie and bread.

Best overall cooking blog went to Lottie and Doof - just check out these sweet orange buns. Joy the Baker won for best single recipe for double-battered apple doughnuts, which use crispy panko breadcrumbs for the second batter.

In the category for best wine, beer and cocktail blogs, This Girl Walks into a Bar seems like a Pioneer Woman (who was a finalist for celebrity blog) version of booze, complete with advertising and a book deal. One of the finalists, 12 Bottle Bar is an interesting guide on how to create a foundation for a bar and all the drinks to follow. (I just made my Christmas list.)

For the humor blogs, Fancy Fast Food scrapes off the old stuff and slaps a new coat of paint on fast food to make something that appears to be high-end. This week, they refashioned a Subway foot long and Coke. They actually cooked down the Coke, mixed it with mayonnaise to make an "icing" for petit fours using the bread from the sandwich. Repeat: it's a humor blog. The winner in the category was Bon Appétempt, the humor is in the writing -- the food looks amazing.

There's so much more. Like the dish at the top of this post from She Simmers, which is dedicated to Thai home cooking, culture and photos so good you can literally taste them. Literally, literally.

We could do this all day -- you've been warned. Literally.