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Stock and Barrel Inches Closer to Late Spring Opening

I'm obsessed with this series of YouTube videos titled Build It With Bruce. They feature Bruce Russo, whose design company B.Russo Designs is charged with the build out of Jon Steven's anticipated Bishop Arts restaurant Stock and Barrel.

The last time we checked in, Russo was walking us through the process they used to raise the roof a few feet to open up the space. He also mentioned they were saving as much lumber from the old glass building as possible, but he didn't say much about how they'd use it. This latest video shows what they're up to.

According to Russo, those boards are getting ripped into long strips that will accent two walls in the dining room. It reminds me of the installation at Grub Burger Bar, only with much more rustic wood. It should look cool.

The open kitchen we heard about last time looks massive, with space for more than 10 barstools at the ready for those who like to watch the cooks sweat it out while they dine. And if you're into drinking (you are, right?) it looks like you'll have access to a sizable U-shaped bar capped in rough timber. It should be a great place for socializing.

Jon's last update said the restaurant was scheduled to open late April, and from the looks of this video, he's getting close. Whenever he opens those doors there will likely be a lot of people excited to get inside.