10 Questions: Eddie Cervantes

Operating a restaurant seemed like a breeze to Cervantes before he opened his first place a few decades ago. On the verge of failure, he took a trip to clear his head--ending up on a crowded patio in Mexico...

The patios he opened subsequently--such as the always popular deck at Primo's--changed drinking and dining in the city. Recently, he teamed with Mike Modano, Brett Hull and others to open Hully & Mo, a classy sports bar in the Quadrangle.

That's where we met up with Cervantes. Of course, you're just as likely to find him sipping drinks at The Loon... 

1. Why are hockey players so drawn to Primo's? I think it was the casual atmosphere. Those guys like to dress down. And the late night service.

2. If the Stars' game conflicts with the Cowboys? Hands down, the Stars.

3. Your favorite patio is...? I'd say Primo's. I designed it and built it.

4. Ever go to The Loon in the middle of the day and get hammered? There's the owner over there, the one in black. He's my cousin. Absolutely.

5. How 'bout Christie's? Wanna go over there? Yeah, I love that place.

6. Let's say that Eva Longoria had a wardrobe malfunction in here. How quickly would you react? How about Eva Mendes? I'll probably be standing right next to her the whole time if it's Eva Mendes.

7. What's your favorite fast food taco?  The gas station on Industrial--I can't think of the name right now. It's like a truck stop. They're as greasy as can be. You need to pour out half the grease before you eat them, but oh...

8. What's it like helping Mike Modano spend his money? I'm more concerned about his image than his money.

9, Haagen Dazs or Breyer's? That's easy. Haagen Dazs.

10. Cone or bowl? Cone. Oh yeah, and I've gotta have the chocalate on the bottom and butter pecan on top.