10 Questions: Brooks Anderson

This guy shared a relatively thriving law practice with his brother, Bradley--and continues to do so.

But many years ago, perhaps while studying in Paris, he was struck by a fascination with food and wine that became impossible to shake. For a short time he supplemented his lawyerly income by writing food reviews for on online publication...yet even that wasn't enough.

So last year, Brooks and his brother decided to open a wine shop on lower Henderson Avenue. Veritas dabbles in affordable class. And Brooks Anderson wishes he could have just one sip with Carl Sagan... 

1. High paying law practice or running a wine shop. Do you see a problem here? [Laughs]...Um, a lot of people like to joke that we get patrons drunk and then represent them in DWI cases. It's market creation.

2. Why does wine get such a hold over people? Because it is a mood altering narcotic that's not as filling as beer. No, it's a living organism that changes year to year and is so much fun to explore. It is intellectually stimulating. It lives and breathes in the bottle. It's just fun.

3. What do you think of Texas wine? Some are actually quite good, and improving by the year. They are good wines from Texas, not just Texas wines.

4. How about Lone Star beer? [Laughs]...It serves a purpose, I guess.

5. Can people who don't drink be trusted? I certainly don't trust them. But you should also never trust people who drink too much.

6. Wine drinkers are supposedly sophisticated, so--what's the last book you read? Sales and Service to the Wine Professional by Brian Julyan--the second edition. And we just got the third editon in the shop.

7. Ever watch Masterpiece Theater? I have, although I don't remember it.

8. Which PBS stars would you like to drink with? Carl Sagan and that guy--Bob Ross--the painter with the big 'fro.

9. What did you think of Sideways? I enjoyed it, but I only watched it once.

10. Well, Miles says in the movie he's not drinking merlot. But what about Mad Dog? If it's the only drink around, I'll drink it gladly. At least it's a step above hairspray.