Fox 4's Good Day Gang Presents Their 10 Most Memorable Guest Chefs Of 2008

We here at the City of Ate are big fans of Fox 4's Good Day...and not just because the other morning shows wrap up at some unknown but clearly ungodly hour. No, it's because long about the break of day--8:45 or so--they run a cooking segment.

Every weekday some local chef wakes early, steps under the glaring studio lights and whips up a recipe with the help of anchors Megan Henderson and Tim Ryan. Not that any of us bother to reproduce the dishes at home, mind you. Our interest is along more superficial lines: which chefs flash Gordon Ramsay attitude off camera, what's it like to eat roast chicken or vegetable lasagna for breakfast, do the camera guys get a shot at leftovers--that sort of thing.

But that's us. After another year of early morning dining, Megan and Tim, weatherman Evan Andrews, traffic guy Chip Waggoner, producer Melinda Thomas and the rest of Fox 4's Good Day gang present--in no particular order--their 10 most memorable guest chefs of 2008:

Tim Love (Lonesome Dove & Love Shack)--particularly his 'Fry This' segment
Kent Rathbun (Abacus & Jasper's)
Todd Conger (Uncle Julio's)
Richard Chamberlain (Chamberlain's & Fish Market Grill)
Stephan Pyles (Stephan Pyles)
Kenny Bowers (Kenny's Wood Fired Grill)
Tre Wilcox
Lisa Garza
Francesco and Stefano Secchi (Ferrari's Italian Villa)
Jake Duplantis (Lone Star Park)

--City of Ate staff