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Nana to Close and Reopen as a Steakhouse

Side Dish reported on Valentine's Day that Nana, the restaurant in the Hilton Anatole, will close in June and reopen in September as a steakhouse. Yes. A steakhouse.

Chef Anthony Bombaci has been promoted within the company, and the new chef has yet to be named. The place is also getting a LA-themed makeover from a California firm.

In September of last year, I had a conversation with Chef David McMillian, who is now at the Screen Door in One Arts Plaza. Originally he came to Dallas to be the chef at Nana; he worked there for four and a half years. During our interview, McMillian had an interesting comment about the clientele at Nana that I tucked away for another day. Which happens to be this day.

"It's a giant room and you could have a pharmaceutical company in there one day and lumber company the next, depending on what convention was in town. Banana and antelope in very tiny portions isn't going to work with them. Finding that balance what you like to cook versus what you can really sell is difficult. But, that's the theme in a lot of places."

I bet lumber guys like steak.