Eat This

More Frightening Cocktails For Halloween

As if the Idi-tini and My Lai Tai weren't enough...

We thought we'd stretched the boundaries of taste and "mixology" as far as we could with this week's Top 10 list. That is until several of you added some even more disturbing cocktails--all of which would be perfect for Halloween.

There are seven additions to the list: one from TLS, two from DallasDude and four by The Big Guy. We tried to round this up to ten, coming up with the Cheney Sour, the Rob Roy Malvo and the Chicago 7 and 7--all of which seem very, very lame compared to this lot:

Sung Myung Moonshine (DallasDude)
Not quite sure how you make it, but we suspect it has a mesmerizing belt of soju.

Typhoid Bloody Mary (The Big Guy)
You can make your regular version, with relish. But make sure to serve it warm. And if the person serving has swine flu, all the better.

Himmler No. 1 Cup (The Big Guy)
Just mix Pimm's with German lemonade and pour into a black glass. The Big Guy also suggests Death's Head stirring sticks for added realism. And if you're looking for a pairing, it goes good with chicken.

Son of Sambuca (DallasDude)
Easy to make: just need Sambuca and water from the dog dish.

Shirley Peoples Temple (TLS)
Especially for kids and designated drivers, a blend of 7-Up and grape Kool-Ade. Pass it around.

Charles Whitman Sampler (The Big Guy)
Why not celebrate Texas style? A shooter of Tito's vodka, Rose's lime and grenadine.

White Supremacist Russian (The Big Guy)
Same as the White Russian, minus the coffee liqueur.

Good to know there are other twisted sorts out there.