Lil Wil To Cali Swag District: "If Y'all Come Around Here, There'll Be Problems." (NSFW)

Last month, we pointed you in the direction of Cali Swag District's big hit "Teach Me How To Dougie," a song that references the D-Town Boogie movement and, specifically, Lil Wil's "My Dougie." Seemed a rather innocuous song to us. If anything, we figured, it seemed a nice little shout-out to both Wil and the movement.

As the above interview Wil conducted with the blog Trill South shows, though, Wil's not too keen on it. First and foremost, he's upset that he never got credit for inspiring Cali Swag District's efforts. And he's got some other beefs, too. The bullet points:
  • He and B-Hamp (of "Do The Ricky Bobby" fame) both sent the group verses for inclusion--at Cali Swag District's request--and neither verse was included.
  • He accuses the group of "swagger-jacking."
  • Wil: "You're trying to eat that shit? All the shit we worked for?"
  • Wil: "We're coming at you, man. Full-fledged."

Heavy accusation and fighting words for sure. Especially Wil's sign-off in the piece: "You niggas know that if y'all come around here, there'll be problems."

Give the clip a watch to really get a feel for his anger. Be warned, though: Wil has no problem cussing out his anger.