Watch: The Burning Hotels -- "Allison"

The Burning Hotels' Chance Morgan just passed along the above alluring clip, which is set to a brand-spankin' new, New Wave-ish track from the Fort Worth-based post-punkers. The real interesting thing about the video and song, though, is that, well, they're both kind of spur of the moment deals.

Confused? No worries. We explain how it came to be--and how to get the song as a free download--after the jump.

Seems the clip's director, Thom Jackson, is a fan of the band's music and commissioned them to write a new song for which eh could create a music video.

"The video director asked us to write a song, so we did," says Morgan. "It was fun. He asked us to write a song for a video test, gave us a concept. We wrote it blindly and he put it to his footage."

The lack of real collaboration only makes the above clip all the more impressive, though, no? We think so. And we're digging the new track, too, which finds the band heading off in a new, more brooding direction than its past efforts. If nothing else, it offers a little more variety to the band's catalog, which, although impressive, tends to tread down too narrow a path at times.

Oh, and, turns out, you can get the song for free, if you want. The band's uploaded the song as a free download to NoiseTrade; access it by visiting the site, clicking "Most Recent" and clicking on the Burning Hotels' logo.

And catch the Burning Hotels live at the Festival at the Switchyard in Carrollton later this month.