Bonus MP3: Maleveller -- "Astronomer's Fyre"

Local metal band Maleveller released its debut EP in January, yet frontman Brian Smith (who bartends at the Lounge on Elm Street) just informed me that the band is already going back into the studio to record a debut, full-length.

To celebrate (and to promote Maleveller's show tonight at the Cavern), Smith was kind enough to offer one of the EP's best cuts, "Astronomer's Frye" as a bonus MP3 for the readers of DC9.

Even though in his recent review of the EP Eric Grubbs kind of dissed the song's production values, he did acknowledge Maleveller's overall bone-crunching technique.

Agree with him? Download "Astronomer's Fyre" after the jump and find out.

Bonus MP3:

Maleveller -- "Astronomer's Fyre"

Maleveller -- "Astronomer's Fyre"

Anyhow, catch Maleveller's headlining slot tonight at the Cavern and look for a full length by the band late in 2010. The band does have a pretty cool new song, "Ancient Heart" posted on its MySpace page.