Bonus MP3: Caterpillars -- "Bury Your Words"

At the moment, Dallas rock band Caterpillars is on the road, headed for its first out-of-state gig at FUBAR in Saint Louis tomorrow night, followed by dates in Tulsa and Oklahoma City. You can catch them at the Lakewood Bar and Grill in Dallas February 10.

Meanwhile, in tomorrow's print supplement to DC9 (available in some area in Dallas already), you'll find my take on Dallas rock band Caterpillars' self-titled EP. The disc shows a lot of promise for a first effort, showcasing impressive arrangements and melodies even if it comes off at times as overproduced.

But you can be the judge of that...

Bonus mp3:

Caterpillars -- "Bury Your Words"

Caterpillars -- "Bury Your Words"