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DOMAXXIII Showcase Stage Banter: The Best On-Stage Quotes From This Weekend

With the huge choice of groups performing at the DOMA Showcase this past weekend, it was nearly impossible to see every performer on your preferred list. The zombies and turtle-lovers trying to be zombies along Deep Ellum probably made things harder.

Fortunately, as a witness to wit, yours truly was keeping score of the a selection of on-stage banter from performers along the showcase. Because no one likes a performer who just stands there, tuning their guitars.


"Out here, we're gonna watch over each other like were taking LSD. Should we take more? Take less? How bout just a little more?"

"Back when we were kids, we used to play Sega Genesis and mix popcorn with Mike and Ikes. It was a bit salty and a bit slimy. It sounds gross, I know, but it was great back then."

Old 97's

"Excuse me, miss? Maybe you could scoot over a bit? Rhett took a piss there in 1987. We want to keep the history."

"Once we played there right across the street and made 35 dollars that night. Not 35 dollars each -- 35 dollars total. You do the math. We split that four ways. Three of us got it good, and one got shafted."


"I suck at pick tossing. I've only been doing it for 20 years."

Burning Hotels

"It's time to dance again. Y'all had your 30-minute break."


"We're at Trees, but we don't smell no trees out there. Where the weed smokers at?"

"Feel free to jump around and touch booties and shit."

Diamond Age

"That was pretty long song at five minutes... it was originally eight minutes."


"Text for us on your phone-things!"

"Let's all get naked! Dance your asses off for this next one."