New Year's Eve Round-Up: Where To Be and Who To See When The Ball Drops

As always, Dallas music promoters are making every attempt to pack their venues to the gills for New Year's Eve shows. And, if the stacked bills all over town are any indication, you can be sure that the crowds at many of these shows will, no doubt, be nuts-to-butts.

Never mind that tickets are going for as much as $50 a piece for local bands. Most of these shows are already close to sold out, which is why we culled this list of the best shows early in the week, rather than waiting to tell you about them on Friday.

So, after the jump, give our round-up of New Year's Eve shows a once-over and try to narrow it down before you're out of options. Because, trust us, there are some really good shows to choose from this year.

Boys Named Sue, Tweed EQ, DJ Cheyenne
New Year's Eve at La Grange
Tickets: Free

They're calling this show "Sue Year's Eve," and it should be a rambunctious way to ring in the new year. You'll hear all the hits, including "Honky Tonk If Yer Horny," "Light Beers Away," "You Just Got Sued," and many more. And as an added bonus, Sir Silky (DJ Cheyenne) will be spinning records all night.

Centro-matic, Slobberbone, RTB2
New Year's Eve at The Kessler Theater
Tickets: $25

Between the three bands on this bill, it will be tough to find a better show in town on New Year's Eve. Slobberbone's whiskey-soaked set will fit nicely between the relatively new blues-based rock of RTB2, and Dallas veterans Centro-matic.

DJ Skribble
New Year's Eve at Ghostbar
Tickets: $100

This is a show for die-hard Skribble fans and die-hard Ghostbar fans only. The rest of you can move along -- nothing to see here.

Ishi, El Ten Eleven, Binary Sunrise, Romp Almighty, White Mountain DJ Set
New Year's Eve at Trees
Tickets: $20 to $30

Ishi is known for its ability to make the hipsters dance. And, with all the legendary parties they've thrown earlier in 2010, we have no reason to believe that they won't attempt to top themselves, yet again, on New Year's Eve. Worth going to for curiosity's sake alone.

Ghostland Observatory
New Year's Eve at Plaza De Americas
Tickets: $49.50 to $135

Speaking of being able to make hipsters dance, Austin's Ghostland Observatory will bring in the New Year during the Lights All Night New Year's Eve Party at Plaza De Americas. This show is already hinging on being sold out --there are only a few $65 tickets available at this point. So, if this is where you want to be during the countdown to 2011, better get 'em quick.

Old 97's, The O's, Whiskey Folk Ramblers
New Year's Eve at House Of Blues

Tickets: $30 to $50
These three bands can each headline just about any venue in town, but together this superbill will most certainly pack House of Blues on New Year's Eve. Plus, the Old 97's have recently released The Grand Theatre Volume One, their best record in over a decade, and Whiskey Folk Ramblers had a big year with a successful sophomore record release. The O's, meanwhile, are gearing up for what they hope will be their biggest year ever.

Slow Roosevelt, Red Animal War, Dark Horse Darling & Sixtytwo!
New Year's Eve at Curtain Club

This isn't the first time that Slow Roosevelt has reunited after its 2004 break-up. Same goes with Red Animal War, who called it quits in 2006. But for those that spent the late '90s and early otts in Deep Ellum and want to relive a slice of Dallas music history, this show will be like stepping into a time machine.

Telegraph Canyon, Air Review, Smile Smile
New Year's Eve at Club Dada
Tickets: $12

After a few false starts, Club Dada will finally open their doors on New Year's Eve. Telegraph Canyon spent most of 2010 touring the world, Air Review released a well-received debut Landmarks, and Smile Smile had a successful sophomore release with Truth On Tape

Thieving Birds, The Orbans
New Year's Eve at Woody's Tavern (Ft. Worth)
Tickets: $20

We haven't really heard much about Thieving Birds this year, but The Orbans have been high on several of our year-end lists. Their 2010 record When We Were Wild showcased the band's brilliant songwriter Peter Black and his ability to write beautiful, understated melodies. If you find yourself in Fort Worth on New Year's Eve, this is the place to be.

Jonathan Tyler & The Northern Lights, Somebody's Darling, Larry Gee
New Year's Eve at Granada Theater
Tickets: $24

Jonathan Tyler's classic rock and booze-fueled year has landed him and his band the headlining spot on the Granada Theater's New Year's Eve Party. And, if you're still bummed about the break-up of local soul-rock band Odis, don't worry -- former lead singer Larry Gee will, no doubt, be exercising his vocal gymnastics in the opening band slot.   

Seeing as this list is the best of the best, you shouldn't have a problem finding a fun way to bring in the new year--just hurry and get your tickets before they're all gone.