True Widow Signs to Legendary Label Relapse Records

News spread pretty quickly on Tuesday afternoon when a press release went out with the following words: "True Widow Signs With Relapse Records."

Relapse, the renowned label that's best know for releasing classic records by Mastodon, The Dillinger Escape Plan and Baroness, might sound like an odd choice for True Widow. Guitarist/vocalist Dan Phillips isn't worried. "It's a problem that we have all the time," Phillips says as the band is on a short tour through the south. "We can play with metal bands and we play with whatever Kurt Vile is. We play with all different kinds of bands, so for us to be on a label that has a bunch of bands that aren't really like us, it's right in line with the way it's been since the start of the band."

Phillips still mulls over the categories the band has and hasn't had since forming a couple of years ago. "Doom gets put on us a lot," he says. "We never get called metal."

Late last year, the band was approached by Relapse, just before they recorded their third record. The label funded the recording, which like their previous records, was done at The Echo Lab in Denton with Matt Pence. "We had a little bit more time and we didn't record as many songs as we did before," Phillips says. "Like the last one, we recorded way too many songs. This time, we did eight songs and we had enough time left in the studio to really spend a lot of time mixing each song. There was never any rush to do anything."

When asked to compare this record with their older material, Phillips defers. "I don't know," he deadpans. "New songs."

"I don't know if it's more mature," he says. "I mean, it's different. Every record's different, but it's still the three of us. I mean, it's still the band. You know, I'm not going to keep writing the same songs over and over again."

As for the title of the album, Phillips remains mum. He will share that it's only one "complex" word. Whatever that word is, it will certainly be an easier title to swallow than the last one: As High As the Highest Heavens and From the Center to the Circumference of the Earth.

The hope is that the record will come out in May, but the band doesn't have firm plans yet in terms of touring before or after the record's release. Still, they hope to go to Europe again. It's a "take things as they come" approach, which is what the band has always followed. "Opportunities arise," Phillips says. "We've just been really, really lucky that way."