Bonus MP3: Black Tie Dynasty -- "You Got A Lover"

In the dead paper version of DC9--out today in most parts of the Metroplex--you'll find, right there on the front of the music section, my take on Black Tie Dynasty's new record, Down Like Anyone. Finally, right? I know, I know...

Anyway, I'll link to the story once it's up, but here's the gyst of it: The band's starting to find its own sound and voice on this disc. What's that mean? Well, a little less Interpol-aping, for one. And a lot less faux-British accent, for two. Is it the "crowning achievement" the band's press release describes it as? Well, probably not. But it's a step in the direction toward a crowning achievement--and it's a whole lot better than Movements, the band's '06 release.

Check out the following track that the band's allowing us to offer y'all as a free download to see one of the many new directions the band's heading on this disc..

Bonus mp3:

Black Tie Dynasty -- "You Got A Lover"

Black Tie Dynasty -- "You Got A Lover"

Smell ya later, '80s UK via '00s NYC, eh? --Pete Freedman