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Last Night: Lollipop Shoppe at Sloppyworld

Lollipop Shoppe Nov. 17, 2007 Sloppyworld

I thought I was going to get Ziggy Stardusted at last night’s Lollipop Shoppe party but the makeup table wasn’t too discernible from any of the other tables with empty beer bottles and plastic cups on it. Either that or the glare from all the glitz got in my eye being the art and music collective’s Glitter Glamboree. Unfortunately, I arrived late and missed the mod fashion show and the Ether Bunnies’ set but just in time to see the Lollie Dollies get on stage doing their '60s choreography reminiscent of background girls dancing in the Technicolor discothèques world of Modesty Blaise.

The raised stage with extended runway remained fairly empty afterward as DJs Panda Flower, Captain Groovy and Tiger Bee spun on the floor while people congregated to chat, dance or both. The drunken chick who proceeded to imprint her breasts in my arm while I was texting threw me for a loop, and so not in a good way. She declared she was a poet and between cigarette puffs, she tickled, wait, make that creeped out my left earlobe with a fairly impressive and impromptu poem. I could only think about asking her to rhyme the words “personal space.”

If the venue’s name is based on the fact that air conditioning doesn’t seem to exist providing collective sweat pits then it lives up to the moniker without question. But at the very least, Lollipop can place Glitter Glamboree in the success column with a fairly huge turnout that crowded both in and out of Sloppyworld. For a peek, go here and here.

The night continued as I ran into the Lek Brothers, who were making all the rounds in Expo Park. Going between Sloppyworld and minc, we caught the tail end of singing DJ Colette Push doing the album release party thing at the latter. As the clock soon struck 2 a.m., the after-party led me to an upstairs loft where DJs Woody Rosen, Redeye and London mixer Shur-i-kan kept up their turntable duties. The darkened loft with glowing blue lights hosted a healthy crowd with the most number of straight guys dancing I’ve ever seen with nary a female in sight. But 4 a.m. quickly closed in and the brothers and I decided it was time to exit. Besides, I had to rush home since the line for the restroom was way too long at the loft. Way. Too. Long. -- Rich Lopez

Critic's Notebook Personal Bias: Lollipop Shoppe founder Patricia Rodriguez manipulated her way into my graces with a bottle of fancy root beer. Random Detail: Captain Groovy is also an area supervisor for McDonald’s. By the way: If you don’t quite get what the Lollipop Shoppe is about, then I suggest reading this story.