Watch: Shiny Around The Edges -- "Socially Awkward"

This past summer, when Denton art-rock outfit Shiny Around The Edges released their most recent effort Denton's Dreaming, we shared with you all a free download of their song "Socially Awkward," from which the album culls its title.

And we bring all this up again now because, this week, the band's released a new music video for the song. And quite the video it is, too, featuring Texas Women's University dance professor Sarah Gamblin in a starring role, interpreting the band's music not so much with dance, but with stark, emotive movement. There's no real storyline to speak of -- just Gamblin, dressed in a black dress and pearls, slithering ab out a hotel -- and there doesn't need to be one. Gamblin's movement tells plenty on its own, her moves very much crafting a concept of angst to match well with the song.

Her strong work here shouldn't come as much of a surprise. Beyond her own extensive efforts in the dance world, Gamblin's already collaborated with Shiny in the past, even joining the band on stage to perform during live shows. And, yes, that's her on the cover of Denton's Dreaming, too.

This, however, does appear to be their most cohesive collaboration to date. See what we mean, and give the clip a watch after the jump.

(Hat tip.)