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Stereogum Chews Up And Spits Out An Unreleased Centro-Matic Track For This Week's 'Gum Drop

Christmas? In August? Sure. Why not?

Denton’s Centro-Matic just keeps getting more and more love for Dual Hawks. This time, it comes from Stereogum, which offers up an unreleased track from the double disc.

This morning, the site picked the band's unreleased song "Christmas 83 (Make Fun of My Sweaters)" as its ‘Gum Drop song of the week selection--a free mp3 sent out every Wednesday to ’Gum Drop subscribers on the site.

The song's a rather dour affair, probably the way you or I felt after getting a sweater at Christmas when we were younger, too (frontman Will Johnson explains the significance in the short, accompanying Q&A). More than that, though, the song is really good--and worth the download (especially on a cloudy day like today). And download the track here. --Lance Lester