Tonight, Tonight: Unwed Sailor at Club Dada and Steve Miller at House of Blues

Besides Hayes Carll continuing his North Texas tour of clubs (tonight's stop is at The Aardvark in Cowtown), there are a couple of other interesting musical options also going on tonight.

Steve Miller Band at the House of Blues
Although born in Milwaukee, legendary rock guitarist Steve Miller spent much of his youth in Dallas. And the Dallas blues scene of the early 1960s had a definite influence on Miller's guitar playing. Throughout the '70s, Miller became known for such classic rock fodder as "Fly Like an Eagle" and "Jet Airliner." His pop-friendly approach may have gained him mass success, but it never dulled his quality playing or bluesy influence. Recent releases have found Miller returning to his blues roots, although this current tour appears to be centered on those digestible nuggets from nearly four decades ago.

Unwed Sailor, Giant Cloud and Auxiliary Voice at Club Dada
For all practical purposes, Johnathan Ford is Unwed Sailor. Throughout the band's 13-year career, Ford has played with an amazing number of sidemen, including folks like Christian Wargo (Fleet Foxes) and Sufjan Stevens. And despite the ever-changing group dynamic, Ford has stuck fairly close to the ambient/progressive model he originally came up with on 1999's Firecracker. Adding a bit more pulse to this bill is New Orleans' Giant Cloud, a tasty quintet that adds some warped harmonies and spaced-out psychedelics to its stoner proceedings. Same goes for Dallas' own Auxiliary Voice. All in all, this is a great triple-bill that should leave folks' ears ringing blissfully.