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Tiger Moth Breaks Up, Loses Camera

Fortunately, the breakup of Tiger Moth the band didn't leave as much wreckage as the airplane of the same name.

Well, that didn't last long. Just five months after Darryl Smyers hipped us to the band and four months after he raved about their eponymous EP, Dallas blooze-rock band Tiger Moth has called it quits. Turns out their Sunday show at the Double-Wide was their last. "Its been a short ride but a good one, we'd like to thank everyone that has been a part of what we did," the band wrote in a MySpace bulletin.

Unfortunately, the band isn't the only thing frontman Cheyenne Schweitzer left behind at the Double-Wide; he also inadvertently parted ways with a black camera bag containing "an older half working sony handicam video camera in it," he wrote the next day. "I was sitting close to the door at the bar." Contact the band through its MySpace page if you've seen it.--Jesse Hughey