Watch: The Strange Boys -- "Be Brave"

Hey, looks like Bob Sambol's boys are back: The once Dallas- and now Austin-based The Strange Boys recently announced that the follow-up to its well-received full-length debut, 2009's ...and Girls Club, would see its release February 23. And, to promote the album (called Be Brave), the boys went ahead released a video for the titular track late last week.

It's a good look, too--it's finely in tune with the band's weary retro-rock sound and all that. Far as we can tell, it's not much of a stylistic leap for the band (although we do hear some horns, which is a welcome addition). We haven't heard the disc yet, unfortunately. But, hey, friend of the program Chris Cantalini, who had the honor of debuting the video on his GorillaVsBear blog, has, and he says its the band's "most impressive [release] yet." So, there you go.