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Holy Cow: More Dallas Music History! (Or: Gee Thanks, Liles. Now Darryl's All Nostalgic, Too.)

The year was 1982. The place was Studio D, a warehouse on Main Street. This is one of the only known photos of The Holy, taken sometime in October of ‘82 when the band was opening for Social Unrest. Ahhhh, those punk rock days of youth.

Actually, various members of this band ended up being significant members of the area’s punk/metal scene. The guitarist for The Holy was Robert Lowe. This guy now sings for Swedish metal kings Candlemass and also fronts two local metal acts, Solitude Eternus and Concept of God. The little, skinny drummer you can’t really see in the photo is Lyle Steadham or “Count Lyle” as he is now known as leader of the semi-legendary local horror/punk outfit Ghoultown. The bassist is Kelly Galey and he gave up music for a life as an artist, but his wife is bassist for the local, all female pop/rock band Merry and the Mood Swings. Oh, and the singer? Well, sadly, that's me, thankfully kneeling out of view.

The Holy was a pretty terrible band, punk or otherwise, but most of us went on to bigger and much better things. Another almost-interesting fact: the big skinhead at the front of the stage is one Johnny Chaos. Back in the day, he fronted Bomb Squad, a band that actually released a couple of EPs of decent, Oi-influenced hardcore. I don’t think any of Bomb Squad’s stuff is available on CD, but the band’s second release, Children of War, is worth searching for wherever collector vinyl is sold.

Catch Ghoultown on October 3 at Lola's in Fort Worth, and Merry and the Mood Swings later that month, performing at the Women's Museum as part of the State Fair festivities. --Darryl Smyers