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Pyromania vs. Pyromania: Def Leppard Tribute Band Feud A-Brewin'

A heavy metal feud is brewing between California and Dallas.

Seems Southern California's Def Leppard tribute band is pretty pissed off at Dallas' Def Leppard tribute band, according to Spinner and NME. Perusing the Huntington Beach-based Leppard tribute band's website confirms that, alas, it is true:

Seems there is a Def Leppard tribute band in Dallas who call themselves Pyromania and are looking for a one armed drummer.

We wanted to set the record straight that we have nothing to do with this ad and we are not looking for a drummer and feel is is in VERY BAD TASTE!! We have much respect for Rick Allen and Def Leppard and We have a great love and honor for their music. Please do not confuse us with this complete discusting and disrespectful behaviour.

This, of course, is in response to Pyromania Dallas' "seeking one arm drummer" poster floating around the Internet.

Last week, we put a call into the band's advertised number, only to find an automated message that the position has been filled. Since then, Pyromania Dallas has stirred the Internet beehive  -- the poster floated all the way to Rolling Stone -- and baffled spelling bee champs worldwide.

We're just hoping for a (Dallas) Pyromania show in the near future.