Life in a Recession: Josh Venable Reflects on His Layoff by Clear Channel

Late last year, Josh Venable was let go for the second time from the Clear Channel-owned 102.1 KDGE, the Edge, and he has yet to find another radio station to call home. "I watch a lot of Murder, She Wrote," Venable says of his down time while sitting in an Addison sports bar that's not too far from the Clear Channel building. "That's about it."

When asked if had an inkling he was about to be let go, he is very quick with a response. "Not at all," he says. "I knew that layoffs were coming." Those who have worked in radio, especially at Clear Channel stations, have come to expect layoffs every year. With what became Venable's last day in 2012, he was already covering for somebody he knew was going to be let go. Halfway through his shift, Venable was asked to see his boss and Venable was sent packing.