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Watch: Lars Larsen's Video Synth Technology Propels Neon Indian's New "Mind, Drips" Video

Once upon a time, way back when VEGA was the Alan Palomo project garnering the most interest, Neon Indian was introduced as an experimental side project from the creative pop songsmith. But it wasn't just a sonic experiment, this new project; Neon Indian, you may or may not recall, was originally supposed to feature a visual identity, too.

Over time, that part of the group's planned aesthetic was dropped -- although, from time to time, the band would bring it back up.

One such moment came when Palomo called up his old Denton pal Lars Larsen to provide the visuals at his band's late 2009 Granada Theater performance. And Larsen's work at that show particularly impressed, thanks to new video synthesizer called "The Visionary" that he'd created for just that kind of display.

"The Visionary," Larsen told us back in January, had somewhat taken over his entire focus -- to the point where Larsen, himself quite the musician, formerly performing under the name The Undoing of David Wright and, currently, as Phantastes, had put his music efforts on the proverbial backburner.

And it seems his efforts are starting to pay off, as, this morning, Neon Indian has debuted a new official music video for "Mind, Drips" (maybe the best song on debut release Psychic Chasms, by the way) created by Larsen on his "visionary," which, yes, is now a product fully realized and available for purchase, even.

Check out Larsen's creation for the band after the jump.

Neon Indian returns to town on February 3 for a gig at the Palladium Ballroom, where the band will open for The Flaming Lips.