Tonight, Tonight: The Raveonettes at the Granada, Gogol Bordello at House of Blues and Warpaint at The Loft

Hey, now! It's a hopping Monday evening of shows gracing our area this evening. Definitely hard to choose amongst these contenders...

The Raveonettes and Tamaryn at the Granada Theater
The Danish indie rock duo known as The Raveonettes sound a hell of a lot like The Jesus and Mary Chain, but that doesn't stop Sune Rose Wagner and Sharin Foo from making cool music. Known for their thunderously loud live shows, The Raveonettes can occasionally reach such a clamor that songs run together without distinction. Such is especially sad when considering that the pair writes some great songs and Foo has an impressive set of pipes. The Raveonettes recently issued fifth effort, Raven in the Grave, aptly demonstrated both attributes as songs such as "War in Heaven" and "Apparitions" present a darker side of the noisy, retro twosome. Another shoegazing gal, San Francisco's Tamaryn, will undoubtedly open tonight's proceedings in a hazy, gothic way.

Gogol Bordello and Grupo Fantasma at the House of Blues
Need of dose of multi-culturalism? Well, the inspired pairing of New York's Gogol Bordello and Austin's Grupo Fantasma should do the trick just fine. Perhaps a bit too theatrical for their own good, the nine-member Gogol Bordello are nonetheless capable of bringing down just about any house. The band's super-caffeinated brand of gypsy punk is chaotic and contagious. If you happen to find yourself anywhere close to the stage, be prepared for some serious moshing. A bit less intense (although not by much) is Grupo Fantasma, a 10-piece unit that mixes a funky jazz vibe into their lengthy creations.

Warpaint, PVT and Family Band at The Loft
The all-female quartet Warpaint, despite their name, plays a surprisingly sedate form of psychedelic rock. The band's lone full-length, The Fool, is pretty hypnotic stuff -- just not what one would think of from a band with such a moniker, although that's hardly a slight. Also on tonight's bill are PVT, an electronic outfit from Australia. This trio is known for its trance-inducing sound: part Tangerine Dream, part gothic monastery choir. Starting things off tonight are Family Band, a New York-based group that also likes all thing dreamlike. This talented triple-bill may require audience members to embrace a couple of cups of coffee before heading down to the venue.