Peter Wolf Crier's All-Time Top Five Winning Priceline Bids While on Tour

With their second album, Peter Wolf Crier has established themselves as a legit indie-band and not the mere side-project they seemed to be when they released last year's well-done Inter-Be.

The new album, Garden of Arms, isn't just another stellar release from Jagjaguwar this year, but it's a major step for the band itself. The lo-fi feel of the debut is gone for the most part, but there's still a cohesive, understated quality that translates into a moodiness that most lo-fi acts would like to replicate.

So, with a new album under their arms, the band has hit the road in hopes of selling a few copies. Life on the road for a touring band can certainly have its challenges. It seems that crashing on the floors of charitable fans in unfamiliar cities is still a rite of passage that any group starting their touring life must endure. A considerable step above that type of spartan, nomadic existence is to be able to properly find a non-crackhouse motel to cram the band and gear inside of for the night before searching out the nearest Waffle House or -- after a larger than usual payday -- Cracker Barrel the following morning before hitting the road for the next gig.

The guys in Peter Wolf Crier have turned that step of the touring lifestyle into a bit of a wi-fi powered, scavenger hunt-style game, it seems. While they clearly appreciate the value of a dollar, they also want to know how far that hard-earned buck from the merch table will get them when it comes to which motel they select for a given night.

On that note, in anticipation of Peter Wolf Crier hitting the Dada stage Saturday night, we have a highly unusual, but humorously enlightening, All-Time Top Five for the second time this week. This list really lends some insight into how the hours of a band's day and night are spent away from the venue.

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Peter Wolf Crier's All-Time Top Five Winning Priceline Bids While on Tour

1. Hyatt Place (Birmingham, Al) $35 #^
2. The Renaissance Hotel (Secaucus, NJ) $40 *
3. Springhill Suites (Louisville, KY) $30 # *
4. Double Tree (Knoxville, KS) $35 &
5. Courtyard by Marriot (Richmond, VA) $35 *^

# Free Breakfast
* Hot tub
& Cookies before and after every meal
^ Recently Remodeled