"Crazy In Love," Beyonce's Coronation Anthem, Turns 10 Years Old

The blasting horns sampled from The Chi-Lites' "Are You My Woman (Tell Me So)" ring out, the sound of a jangling cymbal being taken for a walk sizzles under the infectiously catchy purr of "uh-oh, uh-oh, uh-oh, uh-oh- oh no no." The 808 laced drums crack and pop as if they're frying under the hot Texas summer sun. The first few measures of "Crazy in Love" are as distinct and recognizable as they are evocative of a decade of total pop culture dominance for Beyonce -- the woman, the artist, the empire. Though her time in Destiny's Child put her on the map, this was the defining moment of arrival that led to her takeover. Ten years ago, "Crazy in Love" was released, and for the budding superstar, nothing would ever be the same.