Kanye West on Saturday Night Live: Five Reasons I Will Stay Home and Watch

I don't think we have really gotten in the weeds about my feelings for Kanye West, but know this about me: My name is Deb and I am a West apologist. He is temperamental and sensitive in ways that feel vintage rock star in today's cookie cutter world of celebrity people pleasing. He is arrogant in ways I am frankly envious of. It would be easy to dismiss his declarations of greatness if I didn't so ardently agree with him, but in my humble opinion West is frequently as great, or at least as compelling, as he says he is. In both content and character.

Now after a few leaks from his upcoming work set to be released, (we think) June 18th, he is set to perform this week on Saturday Night Live. These are five reasons I will be staying home to watch the performance: